Center of excellence for BioProCro

Faculty of Food Technology Osijek is a partner institution in the Scientific Centre of Excellence for Marine Bioprospecting - BioProCro, founded in 2015. The bearing institution is Ruđer Bošković Institute (RBI).

BioProCro is conceived as a virtual platform that will unify the fragmented parts of biotechnology in Croatia, enabling the use of existing equipment, accumulated knowledge, expertise and human resources that will lead to raising the level of research and application of results in the field of biotechnology.

The BioProCro Center is for the first time, gathering all Croatian research groups that investigate bioactive compounds isolated from marine organisms of the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea. This project presents a collaborative effort of the Ruđer Bošković Institute, University of Rijeka (Department of Biotechnology and Centre for Highthroughput methods), University of Zagreb (Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology), University of Split (Faculty of Chemistry and Technology), and University of Osijek (Faculty of Food Technology).

All the project participants represent the cutting-edge Croatian researchers in the field of chemical and biological diversity, structural chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, model screening, bioinformatics and biotechnological application.