About the Alumni

At the beginning of the year 2011 (March 25, 2011), the Association of former students and friends of the Faculty of Food Technology Osijek (shorted TehnOS), Alumni, was founded/registered, with headquarter in Osijek, on address Franje Kuhača 20.

The association is focused on preservation of the Faculty tradition, promotion of the Faculty and engineering (as a profession) reputation, improvement of the studying quality, improving of the scientific and professional work, providing current students with assistance in performing practical work and job search, and providing Alumni association members with assistance, depending on their needs. The activities of the Alumni association are concentrated on accomplishment of set goals and efficient cooperation with educational and scientific institutions, chambers, companies and other bodies and organizations dealing with food technology, food engineering, applied chemistry, environmental protection and/or similar.

The bodies of the Alumni are Assembly, Presidency and Supervisory Board.

Founding Assembly, March 3, 2011, the selected bodies were:

First Chairperson: Drago Šubarić, PhD, full professor

First Vice-chairperson: Borislav Miličević, PhD, full professor

First Secretary: Ivana Pavleković, dipl. ing.

First Presidency : Šubarić Drago, Benkotić Snježana, Jukić Marko, Jurković Zorica, Miličević Borislav, Paulik Petar, Piližota Vlasta, Primorac Ljiljana and Tišma Marina

First Supervisory Board: Milena Mandić, Dubravko Pichler and Ivica Strelec

Actual Chairperson: Srećko Tomas, PhD, full professor

Actual Vice-chairperson: Antonija Kristek Janković, dipl. ing.

Actual Secretary: Ivana Lauš, dipl. ing.

Actual Presidency: Jurislav Babić, PhD, full professor, Dajana Gašo-Sokač, PhD, associate professor, Mirna Habuda-Stanić, PhD, associate professor, Daniela Horvat, PhD, Antonija Kristek Janković, dipl. ing., Stela Jokić, PhD, full professor, Mirela Planinić, PhD, full professor, Drago Šubarić, PhD, full professor and Srećko Tomas, PhD, full professor

Actual Supervisory Board: Antun Jozinović, PhD, assistant professor, Krunoslav Aladić, PhD, assistant professor and Daniela Čačić Kenjerić, PhD, full professor

Dear colleagues, dear friends of the Faculty of Food Technology Osijek, if you are finished the study programme at our Faculty, or you are working at our Faculty, or you are just the friend of our Faculty, we invite you to join to our Alumni, by filling the accession form.

We welcome every joining!


Srećko Tomas, PhD, full professor