Laboratory for the wine analysis

About the Laboratory for the wine analysis 

The Laboratory for Wine Analysis was established at the Faculty of Food Technology in Osijek within the Department of Food Technology and the Department of Wine. In addition to standard laboratory equipment for wine analysis, through the implementation of the international projects SeeNet II and INNOWINE, the laboratory is equipped with equipment for rapid analysis of wine. The laboratory is intended to service the analysis of wines and musts and giving advice from wine production for medium and small wineries.

Offer of Laboratory Services

In order to improve the cooperation of the Faculty of Food Technology in Osijek with wine producers, we offer new, even lower, prices for wine analyzes.​

1. Analysis of grapes and musts before and during harvest

Total acid content

The content of sugar refractometer and Oechsle Must scales

Cost 20 kn

2. Wine analysis

Alcohol by volume (ABV) - Cost 40 kn

Total acid content (g/L) - Cost 20 kn

Volatile acid content (g/L) - Cost 25 kn

The content of the total dry extract (g/L) - Cost 45 kn

Total sulfur dioxide content (mg/L) - Cost 25 kn

Free sulfur dioxide content (mg/L) - Cost 25 kn

The content of residual sugar (g/L) - Cost 40 kn

Ash content (g/L) - Cost 50 kn

pH - Cost 20 kn

Analysis package

Total acid content (g/L)

Volatile acid content (g/L)

Alcohol by volume (ABV)

Total sulfur dioxide content (g/L)

Free sulfur dioxide content (g/L)

The content of the total dry extract (g/L)

Cost: 100 kuna

Prices are stated without VAT


Anita Pichler, PhD, associate professor

Tel.: 031/224-319

Snježana Keleković, M.Sc.,

Ana Domaćinović, M.Sc.

Phone: 031/224-300

Lab location:

Rectorate Office of the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek (in the courtyard, ground left)

Samples of wine and must can be brought from 8am to 3pm every working day, or by appointment outside the specified time.